Hamster Gallery

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Fuzzy and Baby Cin Truxal attempt to go in opposite directions...
Fuzzy Truxal takes a break, leaving Baby Cin in charge of the wheel.

Hugo Wyss exercises squatter's rights after a particularly anxiety-ridden cleaning day...

Simon Boden practices his heart-melting innocent look while checking out the Senior wheel.
Okay, Action Shot! Ready.... "Click!" Drat!

A somewhat frazzled Speedy Finegold takes a long-overdue rest.

Petey Moore is only 6 months old and already obviously has a modeling career ahead of him. If only we could get him to wave...

Eight-month-old Scamper Maier "noses" the camera.
An actual action shot - Scamper scampering!

Anya Keifer is the kind of hearty, pioneer-stock, dwarf hamster that doesn't let a little thing like childbirth slow her down.
Mother and child. (Mother's the one hogging the wheel...)

Gabriel Boden is all packed up and ready to go (look at dem cheeks!)...
'Cause it's nice to have some snacks with you on a long trip.

Patches Cutright out for a spin.

That beautiful angora flirting with the camera is none other than Nici Yanowitz.

Now THAT'S a muti-media center!
...And here's one of its stars.

Sputnik Hewitt has discovered that if you're very careful, you can strike a pose on top of the wheel - very much like a noble fuzzy elk.

Ruby (a.k.a. "Fuzzy") Messick pauses to ponder, "To run or not to run, that is the question. Well... having said that - I think I'll run!"

Daphne Peterson demonstrates that, yes - the rumors are true: there's more than one way to run on a wheel...

Check out the video.

"Hey - is that a lens? What's going on [*Flash!*] here?"

The Partridge family hammy Theordore shows that Daphne's not alone in her running style.

Sweetie Jacobs is a very large (in a delicate, ladylike way) Syrian hammie - worthy of a Senior-size wheel. She also keeps a small pet human named Courtney.

Sunny Kokkonen takes a break. The little insert shows a modification Sunny's parents later made to the wheel - long-life ball bearings that never seem to need reoiling. (OEM Parts, oemcsco@wazzu.net.)

Blackbears Violet and Raisin Brasco like to ride on the outside of the wheel while mom (Chopper) hauls the triple load from the inside.

...And yet, Raisin's the one that's all tuckered out.

Snowy Birmingham, a five-month-old Syrian, pauses for a short break in her new wheel.

Habibi Charles pigged out at college with her owner Lesley, and gained more than the "freshman 15." She was so big that she could hardly fit in her wheel. She is currently working off the weight to regain her beautiful figure. (Habibi maintains this is "not her best side"...)

Nibbles, a Syrian hamster, relaxing in his Wodent Wheel Senior with a new three-hole cover (less chewing). Nibbles is too big for most conventional wheels and has eaten many a Habitrail wheel out of frustration at the world's insensitivity to the large and lovelier (and hungrier) hamster!

Honey Sykora, who spends a lot of her time in Hammy Wonderland, always finds time to ride the ferris wheel.

Prune Buckley is a hairless Syrian who refuses to leave his wheel.
Peanut Buckley, a dwarf hammie, is torn between her wheel and red-leaf lettuce.

Wodent Wheel Welcome Committee for the Czech Republic.

Malfoy (named after Draco Malfoy, from Harry Potter) was a bit unsure at first but then he went mad and ran like crazy!
Smeagol Fiumara is a Chinese dwarf hammy.
The Roborovskii Fiumara Brothers (John1, John2... JohnN) sometimes run in herd formation...

...And running is thirsty work!

Eight-month-old Harry (Potter) isn't the fastest hammy - but he is tweaking those entry holes until he gets them just right!
Friend and neighbor 4-month-old Rupert leaves his wheel for the first time since discovering it.
Dakota, a 5-month-old Duprasi, sometimes needs to help his odd litttle buddy Montana, a 3-month-old dwarf, get the wheel started.
William enjoys life a lot more after being rescued from a pet store dungeon!
This is Charlie. He is from a great rodent rescue and was given up because the little girl that owned him suffered from very bad allergies. Since bringing him home he has not left his wheel.
Two-month-old Merlin joins the crowd.
Prying Toby, a hairless hammy, out of his wheel can be hard work.
Indiana, a honorary hammy, is actually a spiny mouse but he wanted to be here with all his friends. He's got his own way of wheel running...
Jacob is a one-eye rescue hammy.

Five-month-old Dougal was a birthday hammy.
And two-and-a-half-month-old Nanook was a Christmas present.

The Boden Octuplets try to answer that old college question: "How many hammies can fit in a Wodent wheel?"

For a little dwarf hammy, Napster Lin can run like the wind.

But still has to pause once in a while just to let the world get back in focus.

Pop-pop McAuliffe says, "I thought I'd stand still long enough for at least one clear picture. The fact is I'm one beautiful little critter."

Bean - a beautiful black bear hamster - exits after a brisk run.

Chardonnay, a British hammy, is anxiously awaiting the arrival of her Junior wheel - for some reason her current Wobust wheel seem to be uphill in both directions...
Chablis agrees...
...But likes it that way.

That beautiful hammy with the chinchilla coat is Cisco Lenz. Her convertible nest/wheel is in its "wheel mode."

The Landis kids - "Now, how is this supposed to work?"
The Amazing Color-Changing Wheel!
Test pilot Gracie Landis checks out one of the very first Jr-02's.

This is Pookey at 6 weeks old. He was rescued from an animal shelter. He is the sweetest animal.

You'd never know it to look at her, but Misao Forman is involved in a high-powered science experiment...

Campbell dwarf brothers Vladislav and Vladimir Frazee try out their new wheel.

Syrian hamster Kuamnoko Puffy BabyBear (you can call me "Kuma") doesn't know it yet - but he's pretty excited about getting a new wheel.
...But 5-week-old Baby Guinness seems to have already moved in.
And now, Blanket joins the family.
And Niko lookin' cute.

Maybe it's time for a larger wheel for Abby...
"Oscar the Pouch" - Alpha hammy.
Baxter holds still - for a microsecond.
Henry at five weeks: looking a little nonplussed.

Virgil Frazee, probably just enjoying the view, but I think he looks a little stunned.

URU, a long-haired golden living in Japan, is cruisin' in his sporty new import.

While these German critters may not have names, they certainly have large, roomy wheels. This little guy is a Chinese hamster.
...and a Campell
...and another Campell
...and a Siberian Winter White
...and a mouse who snuck in here to hang with his buds.

Unlike most Wodent Wheels, Krystal Hegarty's actually floats through the air when she uses it.
The Dreamship has landed.

Heidi Koszalka is "a cranky ol' dwarf" - but no wheel is too big for him to tackle.
Holly Noelle Koszalka seeks a little solitude on her first day home from the Animal Rescue League in Boston.
Ted Edward Bear likes to check all the holes before deciding on just the right one.
Recent rescue Skeeter is the wild child.
And Trevor is a Ted look-alike.

Bam Stevenson would just like to dedicate her ladylike poses to all the peeps on the newsgroup alts.pets.hamsters.

Betty (exiting) and Wilma Davidovic (entering) are a couple lucky rescue hammies who took their sweet time before trusting the wheel...

Bear Alschuler will be relieved when that new battery pack finally shows up...
Drat! And now it looks like the ethernet's gone all futzy.

Peanut Butter collects Wodent wheels like some folks collect sports cars. Here she tests her latest addition.

German hammy, Siebenstein says, "Do you want to lure me out of my Wodent Wheel with that bowl?"

"Well okay, I'll take that mealworm - but I won't leave my Wodent Wheel and risk loosing my spot!"

Cousin dwarf hamster, Gizmo, knows that the best thing about wheels is wedging yourself next to them and getting as uncomfortable as possible...

Spikey (dwarf),
Sparky (blue fawn dwarf),
and, of course, Fred (robo).

Fred's the girl.

Rosi is from an animal shelter. Previously she was living in bad circumstances... This was her first meeting with a Wodent Wheel - "Wow - this is mine?"
Testing... First time, she got out at every exit - checking to see if the wheel was still hers.
High-speed - so she got the name "Speeding Rosi".

Tiana (a rescue hammy) is learning how to be a hamster after a "transition career" of dumpster diving. (Still a little shy...)

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